2020 zerrys.com Mission

Zerrys.com will be the best at our for ever changing Digital Landscape of Fashions.

Blogging, Social Media, Phone calls for styling, Business to Business & POP Ups will be our focus for 2020. Our core business will be Made–To – Measure, delivering and unprecedented level of Service and Fit.

Men’s & Women Made-To-Measure!

Our Goal:

Provide Clothing to meet the clients Lifestyle, Ready to Wear, Made to Measure, Services to care for the Clothing and Travel needs of our Customer.

Wedding Dresses Made -To- Measure

We are positioned to support Weddings and Business events with Clothing & Travel.

Our Target Audience:

Graduating  Students and Proms

17-55 Men & Woman

Let’s us help discover your Lifestyle!


Group Travelers

Air Travel, Car Rentals, Hotels and Cruise’s

People entering the job market

The Professional

We will dress you according to your Lifestyle! zerrys.com

Moderate to High Net Worth 

Our Customers are looking for a great fit and unique choices in Fashion.

We would like to educate our customer on how to take care of there clothing and maintain there lifestyle.

Dry Cleaning & Shoe Repair Pick & Delivery! zerrys.com

We will support them with our Dry Cleaning & Shoe repair, Pick up and Delivery.

We will teach our customer how to select Made to Measure and care for Garment!

Weddings and Events!

Our Selling Process:

Calls to Actions. (Follow up on all Calls to Action) Create looks of what they are interested in using styles boards.

All measurements will be maintained

Our Guarantee will be to make our customers-happy with the Service, Clothing and the Fit. zerrys.com

Technology driven customer experiences 3D Scanning

Animations with Training

Video fashion and training experiences

Clear calls to action


Desktop & Mobile Device Experiences 

We will have Concierge of Clothing & Travel Experts in all Major Cities to support the Global experiences needed to take care of our Customers. 2022

We will measure for perfection!https://www.zerrys.com/product-category/men/tuxedos-and-suits-rental/

Our Competitors:


Men’s Wear House

Jos Banks

I Tailor

What diferenates us from our Cometitions?

We will teach our customers to understand the opportunies to create & design there own Clothing Lifestyle, though Made to Measure options and Digital clothing experiences.

We will take care of the customers merchandise though our Dry Cleaning and Shoe Repair Services Pick up & Delivery.

Men and Women Shoes & Accessories !

Our commitment to the 3D scanning and precise measurement process will be the best in the industry.

Our Guarantee will be to make our customers happy with the Service, Clothing and the Fit.

Zerry Rue

zerrys.com – Concierge of Clothing & Travel




Zerry Rue

Zerry's aspires to be the place you go when you want to switch off and see the world for what it is. We are a Concierge of Clothing & Travel Company. We Make Clothing, Sell Clothing and accessories and provide you special services to travel and take care of the clothing. My Primary responsibilities include making major corporate decisions, managing the overall operations and resources of our company.

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